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Stuff That I Read on the Internet Which May or May Not be Totally Bunk but I Thought it was Interesting so I Keep it Here

When does autophagy begin?

"There is no magic point at which autophagy 'begins' (let alone a special, fasting-specific form of autophagy): it's on all the time, and enhanced by fasting, at different time courses in different organs. A better question might be "when does autophagy peak after initiating fasting."

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 Lipid Droplets

In conclusion:

  • LD's [Lipid Droplets] contain mostly unsaturated fats that were at some point consumed
  • When LD's are not removed, they grow in number and size and result in disease.
  • LD removal must be preceded by autophagy
  • In the early stages of autophagy LD's grow in size, so it likely takes awhile before lipophagy kicks in
  • It appears to be lipophagy, not LP lipolysis, that is enabled by autophagy

Found Here by contributor "RWhigham"

Carbs are taxing on the liver, not nutritional ketosis

"Q: I was talking to some co-workers and telling them about keto and one of them said that keto is not a long term diet because it is very taxing on the liver. I have read that people maintain ketogenic diets for years but that's all I know. So is it true? Is it not a good idea to remain in ketosis for a long time because it's very taxing for the liver?

A: Any weight lost diet is high fat diet, you literally consume your own animal body fat if you are losing it. Carbs are more taxing for liver. Fructose is the same hepatotoxin as alcohol, but even more dangerous for liver and pancreas, alcohol is made of carbs, but it's fermented carbs. Carbs induce de novo lipogenesis, fatty liver, faster than alcohol.

A: Digested carbs and and amino acids goes straight to portal vein, which means straight to the liver. Digested fatty acids goes to lymphatic system. Think about it. You can make any type of diet rather healthy or devastating. Not all fats are created equal."

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